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Appreciation, not Gratitude

One of the biggest shifts we can make on our journey towards manifesting a divine life is understanding the difference between appreciation and gratitude.

The difference between appreciation and gratitude

In Law of Attraction teachings everywhere, you hear about the importance of gratitude.  Keep a gratitude diary, some says. Have an ‘attitude of gratitude’, say others.

There’s no question that noticing and blessing the wonderful things that have *already* manifested around you is a huge part of manifesting more wonderful things in your life.  If you are looking at them and thinking ‘that’s okay, but what I really want is…’ then your focus is on lack, and you get more of whatever you focus upon. But if your attention is on the delicious details of your life, more often than it is on the imperfections, then you will get more deliciousness.

But you want to aim for appreciation, not gratitude.

Why?  Because gratitude contains a note of struggle. Sometimes guilt. An awareness of scarcity. Even a note of unworthiness.

Gratitude Carries Baggage

Think about the vibrational undercurrent of these statements.

  • “I am grateful for hot running water in my home.”
  • “I am grateful for the money in my bank account.”
  • “I am grateful for my comfortable bed.”

Do you feel the undercurrent?  It might be an awareness of all the people who don’t have this Western luxury (a vibration of scarcity and guilt), or it might be a lingering doubt of your own worthiness.

Appreciation, on the other hand, is vibrationally pure.  To appreciate is to look at something or someone through the eyes of Divinity. There is no subconscious narrative of guilt, scarcity, unworthiness or struggle.   Feel the difference on same subjects.

  • “I appreciate the hot running water in my home.”
  • “I appreciate the money in my bank account.”
  • “I appreciate my comfortable bed.”

Because statements of appreciation have a pure vibration, they are much easier to say with enthusiasm. When you start appreciating, it is easy to add more and more delicious detail, more things you appreciate.  Until you have lifted yourself, through a rampage of appreciation, into an heightened vibrational state that is far closer to your Divine self than gratitude (the forelock-tugging, bent-double stance of a servant) could ever take you.

You are Divine

You are here – on this website, and in this life – to remember who you are.  To manifest a divine life, you must rediscover your Divine nature.  And when it comes to ‘loving what is’, that essential component of surrendering to the flow of universal energies, remember:

To have gratitude is human.  Appreciation is Divine.


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