manifestation 101

Manifestation 101

Manifestation may be simple, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. The following article gives an overview of how conscious creation works, and helps you understand where you might need to tweak your method if it hasn’t been working as fully, or as quickly, as you’d like.

Manifesting Your Divine Life in 3 Simple Steps

If you’ve been studying the art of manifestation for a while, and understand the basics of the Law of Attraction, you’ll have seen the steps to conscious creation outlined in a number of ways. People use different ways of expressing these steps, and the essence is essentially the same, but the words that are used to describe the process can mean the difference between failure and success.  Very few people besides Helene (‘The Winning Sage’) Hadsell could make her SPEC system – Select Project, Expect, Collect – pay dividends.  We’ve heard other (often rhyming) versions of the same process, but we at the Human Goddess Network have found that best way of describing the process of conscious creation, for practical purposes, are:

Desire – Align – Surrender


DesireContrary to the teachings of some religious sects, desire is not wrong. Desire is the engine of human evolution. Whether your desire is for financial abundance, a sexy lover, a beautiful home, or for peace, harmony and solitude, the very essence of our nature is a desire for more of the things that we believe will make us happy.  It was a desire for financial freedom that drove my spiritual evolution.  The spiritual world and the material world are not separated, they are connected.

The universe reads your desire through your energetic vibration: a combination of your thoughts and your feelings. So those who teach the art of manifestation will explain that you need to decide what you want, get very specific about that, and then visualise that reality, and yourself in it, with the associated positive emotion:  excitement, or love, or appreciation.

This is a useful enough practice, but there is a problem with the many most humans go about it, and those problems lead to them becoming disillusioned and saying the law of attraction doesn’t work. Because although they say they want money, success, a house, a new lover, and they might spend 10 minutes a day focusing on their desired reality with emotion, spend up to 15 hours 50 minutes every day focused on their actual reality: the credit card debt, the job they hate, their less-than-lovely living conditions, their empty bed.*

(*assuming 8 hours of sleep in every 24: and who manages that these days?)

The universe is responsive to where you put you attention.  Whatever you focus upon, especially if you focus upon it with heightened emotion, will increase. And herein lies a problem.  Let’s say you desire more money, because you have debt. Are you focused more on the feeling of more money (which you visualise with joy for 10 minutes a day), or on the feeling of debt (which you worry about several times a day)?  If your debt is increasing the answer is clear: you are focused more on the debt.   Let’s say you want a lover, and you visualise that lover very clearly, but remain (relentlessly, painfully) single. Diagnosis: you are not in desire, you are in want.   And whereas desire is delicious, wanting is a state of lack, and your focus is on lack. That is why, whatever your desires, you need to:


Align alignment

Your aim is to create a state of vibrational alignment. Now, law of attraction teachers might say you need to convince yourself you already have the thing you want: feel financially abundant, feel loved and appreciated, feel successful in your career. Good luck with that!  Some very gifted individuals might manage to feel rich when they are actually overdrawn or carrying debt, but most of us humans struggle with that.  Here at the Human Goddess Network, we say there is only one kind of alignment that matters and that is alignment with your god self.

At first glance, aligning with your god self might seem harder than pretending you’re wealthy when you’re not.  But think about this. Do you know that you are God?  Do you know that you are an eternal divine being having a human experience?  Pretence causes vibrational discord. But you don’t have to pretend this, because you know it is true. This condition, unlike the condition you desire to manifest, is already in existence.  You just need to align yourself to this: your true nature, your power.  Because in this alignment is the absolute knowledge that you can be, do, and have, anything you desire.  That knowledge that once you have asked, the universe has answered, and that the manifestation of your desire is now in the process of unfolding with perfect timing.  The only thing that would slow that down is your vibrational misalignment. Which can be avoided if you reconnect, every day, to the truth of your own divinity.


To be continued…

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